Skiing & Snowing in Georgia: Top 4 Ski Resorts To Chose From

Stretching between the Black Sea & Caspian Sea, the country of Georgia is recognized for its traditional music, folklore and theatre, and also its reputation as a cultural melting hub of influences ranging from Iran and Roman empires to Soviet Russia. Come winter season, Georgia is also known to offer some of the best skiing & snowboarding to tourists. Wither fewer crowds, ample powder and of course lower prices, a ski and snowshoeing tour in Georgia certainly tops the list. Check out our list below if you want to know more about the best ski resorts Georgia has to offer.



Situated 75 miles north of Tbilisi, Gadauri is one of the best ski resorts Georgia has to offer. A matchless view across the sweeping snow-covered landscape is absolutely guaranteed when you are in this ski resort. The resort is strangely free of rocks, which offers another-worldly vibe and lets you get imaginative with your riding. There’re runs for beginners and also offer great opportunities for heliskiing if you’ve some additional cash to spend.


If you want the excitement of winding through dense trees & creating your own run, then Goderdzi is the ski resort to check out in Georgia. This ski resort is a little lower in altitude & is full of trees that offer infinite fun to the skiers.



If a family friendly ski resort is what you are after, then Bakuriani has to be the resort. Located just 3 hours from Tbilisi, Bakuriani is a perfect family-friendly ski resort with a sort of veiled, backcountry cabin feel. With the first infrastructure constructed in 1932, Bakuriani is one of the oldest Georgina ski resorts which features a collection of 8 ski lifts, 18-square miles of ski runs, and a small town center. If you call yourself as an expert skier, there is a fair share of expert downhill runs as well.


Situated in the northwest corner of the country, Mestia is home to some of the snowiest mountains in all of Georgia. If other areas are undergoing from a particularly dry winter season, Mestia usually still has snow. The ski resort is not as built-up as Bakuriani or Gaduari, so it boasts more of a hometown vibe.



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